Say goodbye to the local print servers and the hassles of print environment management. With the new OptimiDoc Cloud, migrating and managing printers is now a breeze, condensed into a few simple steps.


1) Migration of print servers to cloud

Administrators can effortlessly migrate all printers from local servers to the Cloud, along with their drivers and print settings.

The new migration tool retrieves a comprehensive list of devices installed on the local print server, allowing administrators to select which ones to shift to the cloud. The Migration Tool then handles the remainder of the process, creating printers in the OptimiDoc Cloud, detecting serial numbers/models, and uploading drivers with print settings.

2) Definition of access rights and print settings

Streamlining central management via a single interface enables administrators to efficiently organize devices by location, providing a comprehensive overview of each. Administrators have the flexibility to install printers in workstations for specific user groups or departments. Moreover, each device can be configured with tailored drivers and default print settings, all achieved seamlessly without the need for a local print server.

3) Distribute the printers to the workstations

In the last phase, printers are deployed to users‘ workstations. Utilizing a lightweight service, OptimiDoc Cloud downloads drivers, print settings, and installs the device as required. Administrators maintain authority over the choice and timing of printer deployment across the company environment. This guarantees the usage of authorized drivers and ensures that printers are installed appropriately for designated employees.

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