OptimiDoc is pleased to announce that Epson France launched OptimiDoc Server software, in partnership with NEWDOC, to provide a simplified print and scan management solution.

OptimiDoc Server software offers a unique solution facilitating the convergence of the world of printing and document capture.

Digitization at the service of the user is the big trend of the moment. The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated this fundamental movement, particularly in the field of document flow management in order to promote a collaborative work environment, in the logic of business process management.

In order to support companies in their digital transformation, Epson announces a partnership with NEWDOC, independent integrator and expert in the field of optimizing document flows. This relates to the OptimiDoc Server software: an innovative, economical and modern solution which allows advanced management of printing and scanning, and which integrates with local and Cloud infrastructures.

The digitization of documents within organizations has become essential to facilitate access, processing and filing, and also to strengthen collaborative work.

“OptimiDoc Server can meet this requirement by integrating user access control, printing management and document capture management in a single solution. Benefiting from this software and NEWDOC’s expertise in the print and document flow management market is a real opportunity for Epson and its partners ”explains Olivier Hanczyk, Product Manager for Business printing solutions and software solutions at Epson France.

OptimiDoc Server is a solution that improves productivity by simplifying printing and scanning processes and reducing handling. All these features are available from the screen of an Epson multifunction system, which allows users to access their documents stored in cloud spaces (OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) without the need of using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

OptimiDoc Server also offers many document processing features that optimize and simplify document flows.

The main features of OptimiDoc Server are:

  • User authentication by code, badge or smartphone to control access to the various functionalities of the multifunction system.
  • Direct access from the multifunction system’s screen to cloud and local storage spaces for printing and scanning documents.
  • Management of secure printing and printing policy.
  • Advanced document capture and processing with OCR, barcode recognition, renaming and automatic filing.
  • Customizable statistics, reports and dashboards

The software is compatible with a wide range of Epson multifunction systems through the use of Epson Open Platform technology.

Another advantage: NEWDOC’s technical support team is based in France, ensuring immediate responsiveness to Epson customers and partners.

OptimiDoc Server allows companies to integrate an economical and secure solution, via eco-responsible Epson multifunction systems, which promotes collaborative work and document management in a simple and modern way.

„We are delighted to support Epson, a major player in the supply of environmentally friendly printing solutions, and to offer companies a complete solution allowing their digital transformation“ concludes Frédéric Brouillard, Founder and President of NEWDOC.

Connecting people to their documentary environment. We support IT departments and organizations in their digital transformation by modernizing printing infrastructures and digitizing documents. We offer services and software that integrate and evolve with information systems, responding to new working methods and addressing the economic and environmental challenges of organizations.

For more information, visit the website: https://www.newdoc.fr/

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