The modern trends of past years show us that everyday work moves significantly from offices and open spaces to the home office. Today world is based on the work from anywhere. You can be at home, at the airport, on the beach. The only thing you need is the internet. The new version of the OptimiCapture product broke the borders and offers users absolute freedom. You can scan, capture and convert documents with using your mobile application or web browser.

OptimiCapture is no longer just the MFP extension, newly offers users the to utilize all benefits through the mobile app, tablet, or web browser. Otherwise, you don’t need to install anything, OptimiCapture is a completely Cloud-based solution.

OptimiCapture manages the complete process of scanning, converting, and delivering documents to final predefined storage in the customer environment. All steps are fully automated and the administrator can define which process can be used by which user. This feature makes the hybrid home office very efficient and prevents any complications and misunderstandings when users are not located in one place.

By Published On: November 23rd, 2022Categories: OptimiCapture

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