Secured and optimized print management without the need for any hardware? That is exactly what we are going to introduce to the market very soon.

Cloud services are so widespread in IT infrastructure that we use them without noticing. Streaming music, movies, or TV? You are using the Cloud. Backing up your photos to XDrive or DropBox? The Cloud. Using online spreadsheets or word processing software? Cloud.

The Cloud is the future, it is everywhere. In households and office spaces, it replaced old hardware, and we move our documents, photos, and others to Cloud. Logically it is easier for us to find documents on the Cloud and print them. Nevertheless, it is also more efficient to share documents with family or colleagues working in home offices.

OptimiPrint is a cloud-based print solution for small to enterprise services that secure, optimize, and improve your print environment. You especially save costs and time-consuming maintenance time. Thanks to the Cloud you avoid the complications with the hardware buy, first installation, and regular hardware maintenance. On the other hand, you can benefit from the print-secured environment, print service flexibility, and cost efficiency.

OptimiPrint works for end users as the on-prem print solution. They just send the document which will not be printed until the owner authorizes the MFP by card, PIN, login/password. They don’t need to think about sensitive prints which can be picked up by an inappropriate person. The users can send their documents anywhere and anytime they want, the only thing needed is the internet. Based on their needs they just pick them up passing MFP by going to their offices or meetings.

Optimize your print environment with the Optimiprint solution and enjoy all benefits.

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By Published On: Januar 19th, 2023Categories: OptimiPrint

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