It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we introduce a new member of the OptimiDoc team. Miroslav Herold started as Product Marketing Manager on 1 March. Since OptimiDoc places great emphasis on the product and its flawless communication, Mirek will be a huge asset for the company in his position and his arrival will positively impact our partners. The plan is to prepare and improve product communication, use interactive marketing tools, product photos and screenshots, product videos and much more. We wish Mirek the best of luck. Please read the interview below to learn some interesting facts about him.

Mirek, welcome to the team and I’ll ask the first question right away. Why did you choose OptimiDoc and what did you find intriguing at first sight?

At the interview I got the feeling that maybe the world is still normal in this company 😊 I get a sense of friendliness and casualness from the company’s internal culture. Everybody wants the business to thrive, and the company’s operations are suited to this as is the personality of just about everyone here.

You will be in charge of product marketing – the most important area at OptimiDoc. What is your previous professional experience?

I have been actively involved in marketing since 2005. I was bored at school, so I started a one-man-show agency producing websites and graphics. It all went well, but I was tempted to try the world of big budgets and teams and so I successively took up a number of mostly product/brand or online marketing manager type of roles with the region’s major companies (Fatra, Tescoma, Hamé, NWT) . In my last stint I jumped into a digitisation manager role at a university, and from there it was just a step to OptimiDoc, where digitisation is one of the big issues of its business.

What project or achievement would you highlight in your career so far?

I was able to care of my family for ten years as self-emloyed, I paid off mortgage first as a self-employed individual and then when running a limited liability company, all without a comfortable corporate couch to sit back on. I would recommend everyone to try doing business for at least a year 😊

As someone coming from a different industry, what would you say is the biggest benefit of OptimiPrint, OptimiCapture and OptimiServer?

From the little I’ve seen, it would be flexible product development and a close tie to customers and their needs. Smaller companies are flexible and manage to compete with the ‘giants’ through agility, openness and friendly attitude.

Is there an immediate professional goal you would like to achieve?

I almost never set myself any goals – they just pop up as I go and I only get hold of them. Anyway, the immediate challenge will be to get to know this place, integrate and start meeting the company’s expectations.

Let me ask you about your free time and hobbies? How do you relax?

Family, mountain biking and bike service, DIY (trying to improve my weak manual skills). I also like meeting friends, drinking coffee Božkov liqueur, watching sophisticated films, educational documentaries, and additionally enjoy economic and political podcasts. I love photo and videography. I enjoy a lot to power down lying in a hammock, looking at the clouds, concentrating on my breathing, without thinking about anything in present moment.

By Published On: März 6th, 2024Categories: OptimiDoc company

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