Google Cloud Print ends

After ten years, the Google Cloud Print service ends, and users only have until the end of the year to prepare for the change. From January 1, they will no longer be able to print through it.

If you have doubts about what to choose instead of Google Cloud Print, then you don’t have to.

Chrome extension from OptimiDoc

OptimiDoc has developed the Chrome extension to support secure printing from Chrome and Chrome OS. OptimiDoc customers get access to a best-in-class Chrome OS cloud print solution.

The new solution from OptimiDoc can be used for OptimiDoc Server.

How to get a new solution?

Our customers can add the extension from the Chrome Web Store and enjoy an easy way of printing to both of our products.

Chrome extension is supported by OptimiDoc Server 11.02.

By Published On: Dezember 17th, 2020Categories: OptimiDoc company

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