We are excited to unveil the latest iteration of OptimiDoc Cloud, version 23.09. With this release, we are introducing a range of new enhancements to elevate user experiences and expand our portfolio. Notably, we have also developed a specialized image of OptimiDoc Cloud Node tailored for Raspberry Pi 4 devices.

The updated version will be deployed on the evening of September 29th.

  • New integration with Sharp
  • Enhanced Integration for Ricoh and Kyocera
  • OptimiDoc Cloud Node for Raspberry Pi 4 Microcomputers
  • Performance Enhancements

Key features

New integration with Sharp

With this integration, Sharp devices can operate seamlessly within the OptimiDoc Cloud environment, offering complete functionality without the need for dedicated servers.

Customers can now harness features such as device authentication, print management, and document capture with nothing more than an Internet connection.

Please note that this release is officially labelled as a beta version and is available for all our partners to commence testing.

Enhanced Integration for Ricoh and Kyocera

We’re pleased to announce enhanced user integration for the Ricoh and Kyocera brands. This advancement ensures a consistent user experience across all currently supported manufacturers. Users can seamlessly navigate between print and scan functions while enjoying robust cloud-based print management via their preferred cloud storage solutions.

OptimiDoc Cloud Node for Raspberry Pi 4 Microcomputers

Our latest version of OptimiDoc Cloud Node is now compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputers. This empowers customers to leverage local pull-printing capabilities without the need for a local installation on a Microsoft operating system. Simply connect the Raspberry Pi to your network and register it with your OptimiDoc Cloud account. Moreover, this new image supports remote auto-update functionality for OptimiDoc Cloud Node and the underlying operating system.

Performance Enhancements

In our ongoing commitment to excellence, we have fine-tuned the performance of the OptimiDoc Cloud data centre and optimised its integration with external identity management systems.

Also, our OCR engine and OptimiDoc Cloud Client come with many performance improvements and several bug fixes.