Shift the customer experience with your multifunctional devices to the next level. They will be able to utilize the devices more than ever before with the new version of OptimiDoc Cloud. Version 5.4 significantly improves the end-user way of everyday work.

Custom order of scanning workflows and print connectors

Customers can define the order of scanning workflow or print connector displayed on the device panel. It simplifies the usage for users because they have their favorite destination in the first position.

User authentication against Office365

Users can now authenticate their accounts against Office365 without the need for a separate password for OptimiDoc Cloud. We are checking the user credentials against Microsoft Servers now.

Virtual spoolers improvements

New virtual spooler printers have a name based on the name in OptimiDoc Cloud. Users can recognize easily if they are printing to personal virtual spooler or shared one. Also, the users can now release all documents at once with the Print all button.

New USA datacenter

We have established a new data center in the USA to fulfill local legislation. Partners and users can now decide which data center they want to use, USA or EMEA.

Next to the features mentioned above, we add smaller features like a PIN widget on Dashboard or automatic email filling of logged user’s.

By Published On: Juni 2nd, 2020Categories: OptimiDoc company

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