Our on-premise solution is highly valued by numerous customers across various countries and regions. In Q1, we have introduced several new features and enhancements. Let us explore the exciting advancements and functionalities of our upcoming April 2024 release.

These updates reflect our ongoing dedication to enhancing our software, ensuring it continually meets and exceeds the evolving needs of our esteemed customers.

Azure AD User Import

With a significant shift of customers to the Microsoft 365 environment, there’s been a demand for direct user importation from Azure AD. Our latest version now supports this feature, allowing for regular synchronization of users.

User Print Jobs Redirection to another colleague

Now, users who are out of the office have the ability to redirect their print jobs to a colleague for a predefined period. This function ensures that print jobs sent from the home office can be efficiently managed by the designated colleague. This configuration is accessible through the OptimiDoc Server web portal.

Enhanced HP Integration with two separate icons

We’re introducing a novel feature for HP devices, enabling the registration of two distinct icons for printing and scanning directly on the main menu. This leads users directly to specific sections of the OptimiDoc application, facilitating smoother daily operations.

Integration with CAS

Our platform now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) access via the CAS SSO system, streamlining the login process. Upon accessing the OptimiDoc Server, users are automatically authenticated through CAS, enhancing both convenience and security.

Advanced Rule-Based System with new action during the job receiving to the system

Administrators can now establish new rules during the job receiving phase, allowing for actions such as redirection, rejection, or notifications based on specific criteria like queue name, job name, or date.

CC in Email Destination

Users can now specify CC recipients for email destinations, improving communication flow.

Support for Xerox 3rd Generation Browser

The OptimiDoc Server has expanded its support to include the 3rd generation browser found in the latest Xerox models.

CSV Import for Users

Aliases Facilitating easier management, our update now includes support for the CSV import of users‘ aliases.

By Published On: März 27th, 2024Categories: Release

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