OptimiDoc is thrilled to announce the addition of Richard Houghton as the Sales Manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a significant background dating back to 1998, Richard’s decision to join OptimiDoc was fueled by the company’s dynamic products and collaborative team culture.


Innovative Products and Collaborative Team: A Perfect Match

Richard was drawn to OptimiDoc’s adaptive products, which are continually evolving to meet market needs. The cohesive team environment sealed the deal for him, emphasizing that OptimiDoc is a company with cutting-edge software matched by an exceptional team. Richard’s immediate goal at OptimiDoc is to establish solid partnerships and collaborations within the UK and Ireland, driving the company’s market presence to new heights.


Market Focus: Nurturing Partnerships in the UK and Ireland

In his role, Richard will oversee relationships with OEMs and partners in the UK and Ireland, aiming to tailor solutions to the unique needs of these regions. His passion lies in contributing to OptimiDoc’s mission of positively impacting document management and digitalisation.


Professional Expertise: From Hardware Engineer to Solutions Consultant

With a journey starting as a hardware engineer, Richard’s experience has evolved into pre and post-sales solutions, providing him with a holistic understanding of the industry. Richard highlights OptimiDoc’s product flexibility, allowing customization from on-prem to SaaS solutions. He applauds the scalability, basic and advanced scanning features, and the option to seamlessly integrate print management.


Balancing Work and Leisure

Outside of work, Richard enjoys competitive golf, dining out, and watching films, providing a well-rounded perspective to his professional life.

As OptimiDoc continues its quest to redefine customer paper digitalisation and document management, Richard Houghton’s arrival adds a seasoned professional ready to drive innovation and collaboration.

The company eagerly anticipates the positive impact he will bring, propelling OptimiDoc to new heights of success.

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