Thanks to the complete Cloud architecture, users can send a document to print from home, a cafe, or their office desk. All they need is a connection to the Internet.

Official launch March 1st at 2 PM CET

Key features

Pull printing through the Internet

Users can submit the document to print anytime, anywhere, through an internet connection. The document stays secured till the user releases it on any device.

Powerful application on MFP device

Pull printing or direct printing from user cloud storage is available in new modern designs. Users can manage the document they want to print, including finishing options like color or sampling.

Cloud Storage as a spooler

Why not use the storage for printing documents that the customer already using? OptimiPrint can securely transfer the prints from the workstation directly to user cloud storage and release them on any device without access to the document data. That is true zero trust printing.

By Published On: Februar 21st, 2023Categories: OptimiPrint

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