Are you tired of tons of paper documents? How much time does one employee spend scanning and digitising incoming papers? And what in case you need to proceed with other next operations with incoming paper, like adding metadata or the protection of sensitive information.

„To make the most of digitisation, organizations must now address the various issues around how to digitise incoming paper. They must consider volumes, different sizes, quality of paper used, and whether the content of the scan then needs to be extracted as text and/or data to be fed directly into the relevant business processes,“ says Quocirca research Scanning as an enabler for digital transformation, published in September 2022.

Based on these data we can see increasing potential in features and benefits which our OptimiCapture solution offers. OptimiCapture is a Cloud-based solution. OptimiCapture product without any difficult installation on the customer side brings users and customers a complete portfolio of benefits. Internet is the only necessary thing, and you are ready to enjoy all mobile, web, or device features.

OptimiCapture manages the complete process of scanning, converting, and delivering documents to final predefined storage in the customer environment. All steps are fully automated and the administrator can define which process can be used by which user. This feature makes the hybrid home office very efficient and prevents any complications and misunderstandings when users are not located in one place. „To this end, organisations have been searching for ways to more easily transfer information from paper format into electronic that can be stored and searched more easily, while also enabling faster and more accurate workflow between enterprise apps and across suppliers and customers,“ says Quocirca research.

Digitisation of paper documents makes business processes more simple and more efficient. Although many different types of scanners are available in the market, there are still issues with availability, quality, and productivity. Forget the MFPs and use tools which you have always available to you. With your smartphone you can easily scan the document, open the OptimiCapture application, and make all operations you are used to on the daily basis on the MFP. You can immediately send the document to predefined scanning workflows, like scan to email, scan to Sharepoint or scan to OneDrive. Documents will be immediately available for other colleagues wherever they are. „The benefits of digitisation are widely accepted. 30 % of respondents view digitisation as aiding information sharing, with a further 30% seeing it as simplifying processes. The more data that can be digitised, the more organisations stand to benefit from its increased utility,“ says Quocirca‘s research, which was carried out online in July 2022. It covered 508 organisations across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, including finance and banking, healthcare, and the public sector and government.

For more information about the research, visit Complete research is available here.

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