We are happy to announce a new expected version of our OptimiCapture product. The new version will be available for our partners and customers who can utilize and enjoy OptimiCature news.

The biggest highlight of the new OptimiCapture version? The mobile app and improved dashboard allow users to submit digital documents with one click. Users still utilize the benefits of MFPs, but with the OptimiCapture mobile app, they entire the spectrum of options. With OptimiCapture 22.09, you can offer customers and their employees a complete hybrid work office. They just use their smartphone to capture the document wherever they are located. In the mobile app, there are predefined most commonly used workflows. The user sends the scan to Sharepoint, OneDrive, or another prepared folder in the Cloud with one click. Sharing documents with colleagues at home offices has never been quicker and easier.

OptimiCapture v 2. brings users also other advanced features. Users can convert scanned documents into more than ten types of editable formats, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or searchable PDF. Users can also add or utilize other functions, like watermarking, barcode recognition, or text redaction. Users find all these operations in their dashboards, and they can configure them for their needs.

By Published On: September 6th, 2022Categories: OptimiCapture

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